Time to look at your growing business goals

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Design and Creativity

The goal of this specialization is to arm students with a set of transferable formal and conceptual tools for “making and communicating” in the field of graphic design. From shapes formats to Colors philosophy

Marketing and Sales

The goal of this specialization is to equip the participants with the strategic, digital, and entrepreneurial skills for today's and tomorrow’s job markets, from Marketing tactics to sales strategies.

Coding and Dev

The goal of this specialization is to provide learners with a broad spectrum of engineering competencies in the areas of analysis, design, deployment, and testing of High Tech systems.

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Personal Development

The goal of this specialization is to help learners to know about the importance of interpersonal skills in their daily life so they can express themselves effectively and get the clarification their life objectives.

Corporate Business

The goal of this specialization is to allow students to dive into the fascinating world of corporate global Management, from leadership skills in cross cultural environments to CEO decision making.

Digital Transformation

The goal of this specialization is to provide learners with all of the essential tools and practical skills to pursue a career in leading transformation projects for the digital economy. 

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Winning together the talent war right now...

What we believe...

We believe that learning is the source of human progress it has the power to transform our world from illness to health, from poverty to prosperity, from conflict to peace. It has the power to transform our lives for ourselves, for our families, for our communities.

What we aim for...

We aim to help people discover and develop the skills they need through a flexible, personalized, and data-driven learning experience. No matter who we are or where we are, learning empowers us to change and grow and redefine what’s possible. That’s why access to the best learning is a right, not a privilege.

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Experience how we can keep your team learning

L&D professionals at more than 35 entities around the world choose Thedigitech Learning because it provides a customized learning experience and teaches in-demand skills employees can use right away. Now, you and your organization can identify which skills are key for achieving career and business goals, and learn those skills in a personalized, efficient and measurable way.

Deepen your people's expertise with our sophisticated Platform

Invest in your team’s professional development by giving them the tools they need to strengthen their skills. By providing access to Thedigitech Learning, you help develop critical skills with courses and content that improve organizational efficiency and help you deliver on your mission.

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Personalized content that matches learners' professional goals

  • Recommended courses based on people’s roles, learning activity, skills, and more.

  • Upload and promote content from 3rd parties, learning management systems, or your organization, such as onboarding or training documents.

  • Customized Learning Paths for specific groups of learners to personalize the learning experience.

Dedicated team for the best technical support.

From our super supportive team, you will get the best technical support no matter the project you are running or the Masterclass you are following. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service to resolve your technical issues in a timely and efficient manner. You just have to present a detailed description of the problem you are facing, and we will do our best to troubleshoot the issue and provide you with a solution as quickly as possible. From deployment and technical issues to management issues, you will get support from us. 

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Enabling Transformation

We’re relentlessly pursuing our vision of a world where every learner can access education to unlock their potential, without the barriers of cost or location

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Shareable Certificate

Access on Mobile and TV

Free Resources Library

Flexible Schedule

On/Offline Modules

Multilingual Materials

Pricing Plan

Our sweet pricing plan gives you all happiness

Microsoft 365

$50/per Product
  • 100% Online
  • Resource files
  • Outstanding Support
  • Practical Exercises
  • software setup assistant

Adobe CC

$80/per Product
  • 100% Online
  • Resource files
  • Outstanding Support
  • Practical Exercises
  • software setup assistant

Advanced Business

$100/per Product
  • 100% Online
  • Resource files
  • Outstanding Support
  • Practical Exercises
  • software setup assistant

What Our Clients Say About Us

Jessica Williams UK Student

"I have been thoroughly impressed with the level of support and guidance provided by Thedigitech instructors during this course. They are always available to answer questions and offer extra help when needed. The personalized feedback on assignments has been particularly valuable in improving my skills and understanding of the material. I feel confident in my ability to succeed thanks to the excellent learning experience I have had with Thedigitech Learning."

Wiam Benslimane MR Student

"As a BI student, I have really enjoyed my learning experience with Thedigitech. The lectures are engaging and the material is presented in a way that is easy to understand. The online resources and interactive activities have also been really helpful in reinforcing my understanding of the concepts. I feel well-equipped to succeed in my exams thanks to the thorough instruction I have received."

Sarah Carson FR Student

"The interactive nature of this course has made my learning experience much more enjoyable and effective. I appreciate the use of Learning By Doing approach, group discussions, and hands-on activities in addition to traditional lectures. These varied methods of instruction have kept me engaged and motivated throughout the course. I feel well-prepared for my future studies thanks to the comprehensive learning experience provided at Thedigitech Learning."

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