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Video production is an art form that can almost communicate the emotional values that a face-to-face conversation can. With the power of video combined with digital technology, we help you to communicate your ideas and persuade potential customers. There is unlimited power in storytelling. There is nothing that you cannot communicate, and no single person who you cannot inspire. A well-produced 2-minute video can bring your message to life, evoke an emotional response, and give you the power to change everything around you. When you’re ready to elevate your brand, change perspectives, profit from untapped markets, and position your business for success, we’ll bring the brainpower needed to reach humanity 2.0.

Elasri Oussama, Thedigitech CEO

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Of business use video on their website. 77% use video on their social media
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Of professionals plan to use video to increase their brand awareness in 2023
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Of all online internet traffic will be video traffic by the year 2021

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Harnessing the power of emotion

Davinci Resolve as cutting-edge video editing software is used to master feature films and television series. It’s extremely powerful, enabling video editors to perfect every single frame with outstanding color harmony, seamless transitions, and crisp audio and dialogue. This is the software we will use to master your video production, bringing blockbuster precision to your marketing toolkit. It takes a talented director to film a beautiful and emotive video, but it falls on the editor to piece the elements together in a way that will leave your audience in awe. And with two rounds of revisions included in this process, your artistic vision will undoubtedly become a reality

One of the great advantages of our gear as video production agency is the ability to provide you with additional media content. Since RED Cameras have a super-sensitive sensor, recoding dozens of frames per second at 4k and FHD quality delivering unmatched results. We can pull crisp, high-quality frame grabs at maximum resolution. So, in addition to your video, we can also provide you with a beautiful gallery to use it in your inbound and outbound marketing

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From Concept to Creation

No matter the scale of your production, we lead the entire process from concept to creation and through to distribution. Every video production starts with a team brainstorming session in which we bounce ideas off one another until we arrive at the best possible concept. From there, our director and copywriter collaborate to deliver a video concept for you to review and adjust as you see fit. Once your concept is approved, we will create a detailed script showing the dialogue, stage design and direction, camera transitions, settings, costumes, and anything else needed to give you a complete vision of your video production.