The 10 technology trends of 2020 according to Gartner

Gartner is well known for his analysis of major technology trends. This year, many new products and technologies already in the process of deployment will be the focus of attention in 2020 and over the next 10 years.

The multi-experience will be the combination of the use of AR and VR technologies to create totally immersive experiences.

In the future, there will be a democratization of technologies, these will be more accessible and less expensive.

Human Augmentation
The augmented human will use technology to increase his physical or cognitive abilities. The increases will be mainly physical, in particular, to improve worker productivity.

Transparency and traceability
Technology creates a crisis of trust, in the years to come, consumers will be more and more suspicious about the uses of their data. Organizations will, therefore, be more and more vigilant about the collection and use of personal data.

Empowered edge
The empowered edge is the increase in the number of devices used for information to be closer, to reduce latency.

Distributed cloud
These are cloud services distributed from locations outside the physical data centers of the cloud provider but always controlled by the provider. With a distributed cloud, data centers can be anywhere.

Autonomous objects
Drones, robots, ships, etc., will increasingly use AI rather than humans to be controlled and moved. Whether on the water, the air or the earth, we will see more and more autonomous objects.

Practical blockchain
According to Gartner, there are several phases in the deployment of the Blockchain. We will be in 2020 at the “Practical Blockchain” stage. We can expect more complete projects from 2023.

AI security
Latest tendencies: AI Security. New features such as hyper-automation will create new security vulnerabilities, and therefore new needs. The AI should therefore also impact security, being used to defend the systems, but also to attack them.

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