Webdesign: where and how to find inspiration for designing interfaces

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When you’re creative, lack of inspiration or blank page syndrome can be a real source of anxiety. Here are some resources and tips to take care of your creative mind.

Resources for designers

Muzli is an extension for Google Chrome that provides insight into news and the latest trends in the world of design. Every time you open a new tab in your browser, you discover new interfaces. Muzli is an inexhaustible source of ideas for designers and creative professionals.

Awwwards is a platform that rewards the work of web designers, developers and agencies around the world. Visiting this site allows you to find many web pages that can inspire you in your design work. You can search by country of origin of websites, the categories in which they rank (Interactive, SEO / SEM, Social Media UI / UX …).

Dribbble was warmly recommended by the designers we interviewed. This is a first base for finding graphic inspiration on all topics and domains. The platform brings together images of projects, portfolio and all other creative work of many designers.

Pinterest and Instagram, it stills good to remember that these two social platforms are also a great way for designers to boost their imagination. If Pinterest is the most appropriate social network to consult and find many design ideas, Instagram is not left out either.

Nature, everyday life, cultural events

What is better than a return to the spring, a breath of fresh air or a good event to find a little inspiration? “My main sources of inspiration are the works present in my everyday life: posters that I can see outside, monuments, video game interfaces, or movies,” says Quentin Sellier, an agency graphic designer.

Go back to your first love, the first images that could mark or shape our culture can be a great way to find new ideas.

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