GAFA, NATU AND BATX, what trend ?

GAFA, NATU, and BATX are acronyms used to refer to the four largest technology companies in the world: Google (G), Apple (A), Facebook (F), Amazon (A), Netflix (NATU), and Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and Xiaomi (BATX). These companies are often referred to as “big tech” and are known for their dominance in the technology industry, particularly in the areas of search, social media, e-commerce, and streaming. They are often considered trendsetters in the tech industry and have had a significant impact on the way we live and work.

Yet GAFA may well be just a step towards more surprising performances. We already mention that of NATU – Netflix, Airbnb, Tesla, Uber, whose average age is only 12 years and whose value collective is $ 140 billion. With the exception of Apple, none of these eight companies show growth below two digits; two of them, Tesla and Uber, even experience triple-digit growth, a performancenever seen for companies already representing several billion figures business. However, as impressive as this boom is, these companiescould soon take umbrage of BATX – Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and Xiaomi -, four Chinese companies whose cumulative valuation has already reached 500 billion dollars, while their average age is only 14 years!Doping on monetary issues by US central banks and Chinese is, no doubt, no stranger to an overvaluation of these companies, forebodes their somewhat “exuberant” behavior on the markets Financial.

Nevertheless, these structures which, until recently, were small start-ups seeking to take flight, have become empires whose activities extend over several continents, if not on the whole planet. In general, each dominates its market after having removed many intermediaries: real estate agencies, hoteliers, television channels, rental companies videos, taxis, etc.

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