Facebook: secret groups replaced by private groups

Facebook puts a little order in the management of groups to simplify their understanding. Secret groups disappear in favor of private groups.

When creating a Facebook group, it was possible to choose “public”, “closed” or “secret”. This typology was unclear, especially on the difference between “closed” and “secret”.

Sercre groups are now no longer existent. The groups will be at the “public” or “private” choice, it will still be possible to choose an option “hidden” so that the group is not found by non-guest users and not members.

This change may appeal anodine, but it actually shows the size of groups for Facebook. The newsletter is lost more and more interest to users who are very numerous to meet in groups of different purposes.

These groups require a certain level of confidence in the confidence of the best, in particular, in a rather unfair context of the scandals. The update of the groups will be retroactive, and the old groups will be renowned, in the new standards.

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