How to make an impressive and effective presentation

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably created dozens of presentations in your lifetime, and many of these in just under a few hours.
But ask yourself, Do you really know how to design a memorable presentation that will stick in your viewers’ minds for months, even years to come?
The answer is probably no. Most of us have never actually learned the design principles necessary to impact audiences through visual storytelling. Perhaps the closest we have ever come to crafting a visual message is a PowerPoint presentation full of bullet points, overused stock photos and bland color schemes.
But these kinds of presentations rarely inspire real change, especially in this new age of visual communication. 

A good public speaker with a boring slide deck may be able to maintain the attention of an audience for a few minutes, but a good public speaker with a wellplanned and well-designed visual presentation can truly mesmerize an audience.
The most effective speakers have learned to wean themselves off bullet-ridden slides in favor of highly visual presentations that reinforce their words—instead of repeating them.
This comes to no surprise since human beings are hardwired to process images quicker than textual information as fast as 13 milliseconds, according to one of the latest studies.

For most people, using presentation software like Prezi and Visme to create slide has become too simple,  choosing a design template, inserting text, creating bullet points for each slide, add a few images here and there and voilà ! You’re done right ?

The presentation should make it easier for the audience to understand, not complicate it. To do this, it must be: linear, simple and structured.

It will therefore have to be well prepared with the choice of the right supports to make the presentation attractive, impressive and more interesting to the public.

Sadly, however, most students, academics and business people are taught to stick to the old way of creating presentations: full of textheavy slides that make it harder not easier to understand and deliver your message, at the right way.

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