Digital communication generally refers to the use of digital media by a company to communicate, to practicing the influence marketing, and to convert prospects into customers. In particular, job seekers can use it to attract the attention of recruiters.

And among the benchmarks used for effective digital communication, Linkedin is today very well positioned on the market. This social network has a major advantage: it allows groupings by professional affinities. It is an essential criterion for acting appropriately, and easily finding employees and customers. Over 40 million internet users are active on this platform daily. Here are some areas to work on to improve your visibility.

  • A neat profile
    Visitors are primarily interested in the profile: it is therefore imperative to opt for a good quality photo. For example, a photo in 1584 x 396 pixels is indicated for your cover. Regular updating of the user’s profile will also generate necessarily beneficial traffic.
  • A brief description
    Your profile photo must be completed with a clear and concise descriptive text. It is thus important to present the assets of the company or the professional career of the job seeker in a text which will be enriched by the keywords related to the specialty of the firm or relating to the field of activity in question.
  • Good responsiveness
    To benefit from qualified traffic on Linkedin, you have to be creative enough, because the objective is to distinguish yourself from others. If frequent publications are likely to reach your target, your page must in any case bring added value to visitors. Visitors will also have to respond promptly to comments, or think about commenting on other members’ posts to gain visibility.
  • The tip of recommendations
    A Linkedin profile can benefit from recommendations from other accounts. For this, the account holder can suggest to his professional contacts to promote his merits on his page. As for the company, it can request this service from customers or suppliers satisfied with its services. Individuals can be recommended by a colleague, a supervisor or a former employer.
  • Videos
    Multimedia supports are very useful in digital communication. They attract quality traffic and above all strengthen the professional nature of the page. The company can then create videos lasting a few minutes. These sequences can present the whole company, but they can also present a specific product as part of its launch.
  • Contact fishing
    When profiles are used to commenting on the same types of subject, this means that they have the same area of interest, which allows the holder of a Linkedin account to make an indicator of it. This will help him identify those who will be more interested in his profile. From then on, he can come into direct contact with this target, the objective being to convert it into a follower.
  • The communities
    Many existing groups on Linkedin share the same theme. Joining one of them optimizes its visibility, because a single comment in a group can easily make a profile known to thousands of people at a time.
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