Huawei launches new operating system “HarmonyOS”

The Chinese telecom giant Huawei, threatened to lose its access to Android because of US sanctions.

Presented Friday new operating system that will equip its mobile phones.The system, “HarmonyOS”, was introduced by Executive Director Richard Yu at a group conference in Dongguan (southern China), while Huawei was blacklisted by the United States.

Suspect espionage in favor of Beijing,Huawei did not hide working on a new OS, which could equip his devices if it had to happen entirely of Android, The company unveiled the first outlines Friday, but did not demonstrate its interface.

Named HongmengOS for its Chinese version, this operating system will be open source, like Android.This means that other actors can modify and use it, on other brands of smartphones.

It will initially work on mobiles but is designed to walk, in the months and years to come, on different connected objects. However, it is not expected at the moment that it equips all future smartphones Huawei, who still intends to stick to Android, as long as it remains possible. But in a case of a blow, suggests the company, it will be ready to immediately switch its devices under Harmony OS.

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