Facebook will launch a News tab and pay the major media to feed it

It was announced since April by Mark Zuckerberg, we now know more about the “News” tab that will be launched this autumn. This tab is likely to have a prominent place in the Facebook experience.

Facebook has therefore confirmed the launch of a “News” tab and said that it would be dedicated to “trusted” information. The platform has already approached some major media such as Bloomberg, the Washington Post, ABC News, to offer them a remuneration of $ 3 million per year to use their articles. This remuneration would make it possible to use the titles and the abstracts of articles which will be diffused in the news tab. The deal with the publishers would deal with 3-year contracts.

Publishers will have the choice to host content on Facebook, or publish titles and previews that would return to their own website. Unlike the Instant Article format, News would be a generator of traffic (and therefore income) for publishers. The blow would therefore be double for publishers, who would be paid in “licensing” for the use of their titles, and would have in addition a generating potential of traffic.

Facebook takes the opposite of what Google does. The latter offers no compensation for the recovery of their title and chapo in Google News, which is also a recurring point of friction with the press. The ad is interesting in many ways. First, it shows how important it is for Facebook to deliver quality information in a Fake News context. It also shows media dependence on platforms. This announcement seems to concern for the moment only the United States, but there is a good chance that if successful, News is quickly deployed in Europe and France.

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