Salary: Big rises for data, product, UX and development pros

Aravati today unveils the results of its annual study on the remuneration of the digital professions, conducted among nearly 100,000 candidates “located mainly in Paris and Ile-de-France.” They can not therefore be considered as referents in the region, but the trends and developments are interesting.

3 functions in shortage, wages rise sharply
In 2017, there was a global shortage across all digital professions. The number of positions offered by companies was much higher than the supply of labor, leading mechanically to higher wages to attract the best profiles. All the digital functions have benefited from this period, which will not have lasted very long: the market has found a certain balance.

There is still a marked increase in compensation in 2019. + 12.4% for digital functions against only 2.4% for all executives in France. On the other hand, not all digital functions benefit. Three functions earn significantly higher than average salaries.

Data specialists
The evolution of technologies and the possibilities offered by data analysis is pushing companies to recruit data specialists. Collecting, modeling, exploiting and deploying infrastructure to take advantage of data requires very specific skills, the number of professionals experienced in these trades does not increase as quickly as the demand for labor. Direct consequence: a sharp increase in wages obtained by data scientists, data miners, BI managers and other data architects in 2019 (+ 12.8%).

Product and UX trades
Another corpus of digital trades is achieving great salary increases in 2019. They are product specialists and user experience, product managers and UX / UI designers. Their salaries are even faster than those of the data professionals (+ 15.2%). Companies have matured on digital projects and are now custom-made product teams. The trades associated with these specialties remain very penurious, hence this significant increase in wages. Some profiles also emerge, like that of UX Writer.

Unsurprisingly, developers are still doing well in 2019. Their salaries are rising sharply. France is now 8th in the world ranking of compensation received by developers.

The new challenges for digital managers
If the market is balanced, we still see great progress on the majority of digital functions. This is also the case for “talent in charge of projects related to the influence of brands / companies or communication on social networks”, which continue a steady rise from 5.5% to 6.2% per year, the recruiting firm notes. Aravati also shows that beyond pay, employees are increasingly demanding of their managers. In particular, they want to be able to “change their mission frequently, benefit from individualized support and regularly develop new skills”.

These opportunities become criteria of choice for employees regularly solicited on the job market. Companies adapt by changing their management methods and by becoming more interested in the state of mind of the candidates.

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