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Schedule an Instagram post with Facebook Creator Studio

Instagram has usually been very well designed for users, a good deal much less for professionals. To put up and software content a number of third-party equipment existed, but no native answer was once offered. This is now the case: the Creator Studio allows to simply manage all its Instagram and IGTV content.

Creator Studio

To use the Facebook Creator Studio, nothing is easier. It is available from your Business Manager, or on this link. Once on the Creator Studio, you will need to connect your Facebook pages, and associated Instagram accounts, if you have not already accomplished so. You then have get right of entry to to all accounts.

To post on Instagram or IGTV, everything is executed the same way as on Facebook. Just go to the dedicated tab, and add text, a photo or video, a place, and publish or schedule the publication for the preferred day and time. Everything is executed in a few clicks, and you have access

As a reminder, only a few third-party Facebook partners offered the functionality (Agorapulse, Hootsuite …), however there was once no native functionality to program or publish. Ditto for the publication from the desktopthat remains quite laborious. With the Creator Studio, the whole lot is very fluid, and you can publish it from the desktop with ease. The solely fault of the service: it is for the moment impossible to create and to program stories. The feature is being deployed (a little patience so if you do no longer have accessyet).

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