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Now you can choose your search provider

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Following a record of $ 4.34 million fine by the EU Commission for practices deemed anti-competitive, Google currently must provide different default search engines than Chrome on its android devices.

The European Commission has ordered the firm to stop encouraging users to visit its search engine to the detriment of others. However, it leaves Google the choice to remedy this problem as he wishes.

Google announced a new search engine selection screen in 2020 when initially setting up a new phone or tablet. Users will be free to choose their default search engine and associated browser.

The problem is that this list is reduced to 4 choices, including a place for Google. To appear in this selection, other browsers and search engines will have to win closed bidding and then pay Google each time a user selects them in the choices screen.

For each country, search providers will indicate the price they are willing to pay each time a user selects them in the selection screen of that country, Google said. Each country will have a minimum bid threshold. The top three bids that reach or exceed the bid threshold appear on the selection screen for that country.
however, google does not raise the minimum threshold it will require for presence in a country. If less than three search providers meet the minimum bid threshold.

Now you choose your search provider

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