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US bill needs to boycott autoplay and boundless look to make web based life less addictive

In the event that the thought can make you grin, it is in any case genuine. Josh Harley, Senator from Missouri, has postponed a task that plans to battle the most addictive highlights of social media. Reacting specifically to many echoes about the acts of informal communities, he clarifies that “the tech business has embraced a plan of action of reliance. An excessive number of developments in this condition are planned not to make better items, yet to catch more consideration by utilizing mental stunts that make it hard to turn away. “

Among the proposals mentioned by Josh Harley are:

  • Prohibition of the most addictive practices, such as autoplay, infinite scroll, achievements and rewards like Snapstreak.
  • Consent should be more present, not made difficult to express. The buttons “accept” and decline “should be of the same size.
  • Social media should offer their users features to count the time spent on their sites, regardless of the device used (mobile, computer, tablet …), but also allow them to set a maximum time limit.

In addition, more power would be given to the Federal Trade Services (FTC) and HHC (Human Health Services), which manage consumer and health policy, to act directly on these issues. This bill is entitled Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology Act (SMART act), echoing the problems of addiction that may arise from social media, and the growing desire to legislate to regulate actions deemed often contrary to the interest of their users. While it is proposed by the youngest US congressional senator, it can be assumed that this is just the beginning of the balance of power between governments and tech players.

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