The 7 new digital professions

The 7 new digital professions

Digital is one of the sectors that recruits the most. In France, but also everywhere in the world. Discover the professions that come up, gross monthly salary and the good formations to access it.

With some 35,000 annual hires (source: EIPE), digital is one of the sectors that recruit the most in France, both for the digital sector companies themselves and for the traditional organizations that are digitizing. The emergence of online commerce, smartphones, social networks or the arrival of
Connected commerce has altered the buying experience of consumers and, as a result, broadened the scope of the brands.
A context that creates new needs and
new professions for companies.

The cloud computing engineer
is responsible for deploying, storing and managing data on off-premises servers in data centers. He specializes in algorithms, software and network architecture, securing sensitive cloud data and optimizing data center energy consumption. The project manager, the cloud engineer is responsible for the client/supplier company relationship. 1 There are three service models available: SaaS (software as a service), PaaS (platform as a service) and IaaS (infrastructure as a service). GROSS MONTHLY SALARY: 2700 euros for a beginner. Intermediate: 3600 euros. expert: 4500 euros. Cloud computing engineers are at least a bachelor’s degree level. new courses are being set up, but engineering schools specializing in informatics and networks already offer diploma courses.

Traffic manager
The traffic manager’s mission is to optimize all the levers of acquisition of web traffic (referencing, partnerships …) in order to give visibility to the site, to generate the maximum traffic and numbers. business. He plans and animates advertising campaigns using many tools (banners …). He organizes the succession of the campaigns, putting on line new banners and removing those which are obsolete. Finally, it manages the entire process of booking advertising and reporting sites. GROSS MONTHLY WAGE: between 1800 and 2100 euros for a beginner and l up to 3500 euros for an expert
(depending on the experience and volume of the traffic to be managed). Good training is multiple: BTS or DUT in marketing, communication, IT (BTS MUC, DUT computer), professional license in Marketing, communication, computer systems and software, business, management, customer relationship management and e-commerce (IUT Alençon); business school diploma; or EST.

Data scientist
recruited by pure players, marketing agencies, banks and supermarkets, the data scientist is an expert in the management and analysis of massive data. It recovers millions of information available through the Internet, then imagines models to make them talk and extract viable indicators intelligible to the company. The business can be divided into three sectors: data mining (data mining and analysis), data analyst (administration and creation of databases), data scientist (data interpretation). GROSS MONTHLY WAGE: 4000 euros. While there is still little dedicated training for the data scientist profession, the degrees of engineers specialized in marketing, computer science and statistics are perfectly appropriate. Similarly for studies in mathematics or mathematics applied to statistics. Specialized masters (MS) accessible after bac +5 are being put in place, like the MS Big Data at Télécom ParisTech.

UX / UI designer
The ultrafast evolution of Web technologies is changing the skills of the Web designer profession, especially on tablets, smartphones and connected objects. Needs and the sensitivity of the user are increasingly valued.
The designer UI (UI design) manages the link between the machine and the man (interface design, course optimization, content quality). GROSS MONTHLY SALARY: between 2,500 and 3,000 euros for a beginner profile. There is no specific diploma to become Web designer UX or Ul, but much relevant training (BTS or IUT type, in particular) in digital art, graphics, computer graphics, computer, multimedia, design …
Learning in the field, web agency or studio, internship or first job remains an excellent approach to these trades in constant evolution.

The e-CRM project manager (electronic customer relationship management)
it is at the crossroads of marketing, IT and sales. He provides relationship marketing for all of a company’s digital platforms and implements relationship management campaigns. for the Web. Its objectives: to better understand the consumer, the loyalty to develop sales and generate profit. It defines the operating strategy data from visitors and customers and implements e-CRM solutions to offer products tailored to the profile of Internet users. GROSS MONTHLY SALARY: 2400 euros. It is advisable to follow a degree course LMD (license, master, doctorate) university or training in business school bac +5. professional license IT and sales management of customer and supplier relationships (Rennes); Master’s degree specializing in digital communication, Web marketing, business strategies.

The community manager
Its mission is to create a community of Internet users around the same center of interest. Whether for an advertiser, an agency, a company or a website, he must develop and manage the presence of an organization
(brand, association, product, game …) on the Internet. To federate and animate exchanges between Internet users, he mainly uses social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, but also blogs and forums. A true ambassador of the brand, he transmits the message of the company to the outside and sends him in return the reactions of the Internet community, which he sends to the services concerned. GROSS MONTHLY SALARY: 2000 euros for a beginner. Fast increase.

The digital brand manager
he drives the brand and its notoriety. It develops the strategic plan of the digital image of the company and ensures its executive follow-up and its management. It implements “e-influence” and “e-reputation” strategies, monitors their implementation and analyzes their impact. It is responsible for the social media strategy (design of innovative and creative devices). Finally, he directs Web projects in coordination with the technical teams
IT (applications) and external service providers (editors, jokers, graphic designers). MONTHLY GROSS SALARY: 4500 euros depending on the brand or company + financial benefits (depending on the company).

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