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The Digital and the HR function

Digital marketing has for some time already taken the turn of hyper-personalization, with a view to reinventing the customer experience. It seems that in this area digital technology has not yet deployed all its assets. However, digital should allow companies to go much further in the management of talent and human resources.
An evolution all the more inescapable as the consumer and the employee are one and the same person, with identical expectations in the context of the personalization of the services they access.

The fundamentals of digital must contribute to reinventing the Human Resources function. (analytics), in particular, should give HR a more predictive role and foster a more personalized approach to leaders. Thus, a tool such as “talent profiler” offers the possibility of confronting the needs of the company with the availability on the market and, if necessary, to anticipate the possible difficulties that a recruitment action could face, by making appropriate use of all information on transverse functions (cross functions) within the company.

the analytics will allow anticipating a set of needs-training, the evolution of the payroll … But it also brings the opportunity to identify the staff in difficulty or optimize the payroll. All of these opportunities are dependent on the increasing expertise of HR departments in data analysis. The contribution of data scientists, or new profiles such as those of attrition predictor risk of loss of strength) or talent performance profile could become a must.

Basically, the major development that technology generates is that it favors more of a “pull” approach, centered on demand rather than on the “push” of supply. A change of which RH should not escape. The evolution of the “training” approach illustrates this trend well: digital technology brings a finer targeting of training actions, at the level of services or the individual. Given the positive effects of customizing training on employee motivation, the virtuous circle can then get underway.
This new efficiency of HR will be reinforced by the proliferation of intuitive interfaces inspired by consumer technologies in HR software. Employees will be more and more inclined to adopt these processes.
Their ergonomics, even their gamification, should work with employees to develop the concept of personalized HR offers.

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