The origin of the digital revolution

The origin of the digital revolution

ASK around you what principally characterizes the digital revolution. Unless you speak to a seasoned specialist, you may be shocked to see the homogeneity of the reactions: for many people, social networks and smartphones are the most visible and necessary parts of the digital revolution. however, that is wrong.

Admittedly, she managed to mobilize a large part of our time by creating us addicted to the point that we currently spend on average, in Europe, 2 hours 30 sec per day on social networks. however the digital revolution affects all sectors of activity, and this revolution could have an impact on the organization of our societies a lot of important than that of the 2 previous industrial revolutions, which emptied our campaigns of their inhabitants to create large urban complexes.


In reality, 3 basic dynamics structure the digital revolution: the multitude, the actual fact that we are currently many millions to use the internet and therefore to interact; Moore’s Law, which has seen the ability of microprocessors grow powerfully and steady over the last forty years; the info and the explosion that they allowed in terms of data analysis and the use of algorithms of every kind,
what we knew as algorithmics and big data.

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